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Thallium Isotopes

Stable Thallium - Tl Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemical form Enrichment available %

203 Tl 202.972320 (5) 29.524 (14) metal, oxide, Nitrtite 82 - 99

205 Tl 204.974401(5) 70.476 (14) metal, oxide 89 - 99
Thallium has two stable isotopes and one of these, Tl-203, is used to produce one of the “workhorses” of nuclear medicine: Tl-201. Tl-201 is used extensively for imaging and in particular for perfusion tests of the myocardium. These tests are done to determine the damage to the heart from a heart attack or from heart diseases. Tl-205 has been proposed as an alternative target for the production of Tl-201. Tl-205 is also used in nuclear magnetic resonance research.
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