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  ElectroKhimPribor - The Russian ElectroKhimPribor Integrated Plant is the largest calutron based production facility in the world market. The SU-20 industrial separator commenced operation in 1951 as part of the Soviet nuclear program. Today it is used for separating large volumes of isotopes. E-7 is a small capacity separator that has recently been used for experimentation as well as for obtaining small quantities (0.1-10g) of various isotopes of higher enrichment. In order to secure wider distribution of enriched stable isotopes and increased sales, ElectroKhimPribor has signed a long-term agreement with Trace Sciences. This has resulted in multiple long-term contracts for the delivery of stable isotopes to nearly all of the world’s large commercial isotope consumers. For more than 50 years, ElectroKhimPribor has maintained excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. Key isotopes available for nuclear medicine include: Tl203, Sr88, Lu176, Pd102, Re185 and Gd152. EKP also produces a full range of lanthanide isotopes.  
  Urenco - Urenco’s market-driven stable isotope program focuses on industrial, radiopharmaceutical and scientific applications. The only Western centrifuge producer of isotopes, Urenco is regarded as a secure and cost effective source of high quality isotopes. Urenco’s state-of-the-art advanced gas centrifuge is capable of enriching and depleting a large variety of isotopes, such as Zn64, in any quantity, for nuclear power applications. Urenco developed and is now producing a variety of isotopes for medical diagnostic and therapeutic applications such as Cd112, Zn67/68, Ir191, Xe124/129 and Te123/124. Urenco can engineer isotopes, both in isotopic distribution and in chemical form, to meet the specific needs of its customers. Urenco has also produced Ge, Se and W.  
  Alvatec - Alvatec/Trace Sciences offers innovative getters and alkali metal vapor sources especially for Magneto Optical Trapping (MOT) and Bose Einstein Condensation (BEC) experiments. All alkaline and alkaline earth materials including isotopes (e.g. K40) are available. Outstanding features of these sources are easy and safe handling, controllable metal flux, high purity and reliability. The sources are already approved by numerous well-known Universities and Institutes worldwide, among them are e.g. Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Max Planck, Weizmann and many more. Trace is pleased to announce that Canadian and US customers can purchase Alvatec products directly from Trace. Please click here for more information.  
  Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation - Serving Japan and surrounding area.  
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