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ElectroKhimPribor - The Russian ElectroKhimPribor Integrated Plant is the largest calutron based production facility in the world market. The SU-20 industrial separator commenced operation in 1951 as part of the Soviet nuclear program. Today it is used for separating large volumes of isotopes. E-7 is a small capacity separator that has recently been used for experimentation as well as for obtaining small quantities (0.1-10g) of various isotopes of higher enrichment. In order to secure wider distribution of enriched stable isotopes and increased sales, ElectroKhimPribor has signed a long-term agreement with Trace Sciences. This has resulted in multiple long-term contracts for the delivery of stable isotopes to nearly all of the world’s large commercial isotope consumers. For more than 50 years, ElectroKhimPribor has maintained excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. Key isotopes available for nuclear medicine include: Tl203, Sr88, Lu176, Pd102, Re185 and Gd152. EKP also produces a full range of lanthanide isotopes.


Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation - Serving Japan and surrounding area.

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United States Department of Energy
American Nuclear Society
European Association of Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine Research Council
Society of Nuclear Medicine
International Isotope Society