The world's most reliable Stable Isotopes Supplier

Corporate Overview

Trace Sciences International Corporation is a global leader in supplying the world with quality stable isotopes. With offices in Canada and the United States we can supply isotopes in both small amounts and for long-term contracts. All material comes with certificates of analysis and certificates of origin (upon request) detailing the origin and pedigree of the product.

We Can supply: Ni-64, Cd-112, Tl-203, In-113/115, Zn-68, Ca-42/44/48 and all other stable isotopes below the second row of the periodic table. Our large stock of stable isotopes ensures swift delivery of many products and a wide available selection. Trace Sciences has continued to invest in its lab facilities and production equipment. As a result, We can now produce a wide array of custom isotopes to meet the needs of our international market.

If you are interested in any particular isotope, please let us know, and we will supply it!