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Copper Isotopes

Stable Copper Isotopes - Cu Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemical
Enrichment available %

63 Cu 62.9295989 (17) 69.17 (2) metal, chloride, oxide, sulphate 98 - 99+

65 Cu 64.9277929 (20) 30.83 (2) metal, chloride, oxide, sulphate 91 - 99+
Copper Isotopes Cu-63 and Cu-65 are used to study copper metabolism and gastrointestinal diseases. Cu-63 is used for production of medical radioisotope Zn-62 and can also be used for the production of Cu-64 which is used in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Cu-65 has also been proposed as a precursor for the (cyclotron) production of Cu-64.
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