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Terms & Condtions

  1. Prices are in United States Currency per milligram or milliliter of material unless specified.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice. Quoted prices are good for 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  3. Discounts are available for large or lot orders. Large or lot orders are defined as orders exceeding US $10,000 under one purchase contract. All material does not have to be received at one time.
  4. All prices are F.C.A. from our Toronto office. For orders totaling less than US $100, an additional processing fee of US $100 will be charged. For orders over US $2,000.00 within continental North America and US $2,500.00 in Europe, transportation charges will be paid by Trace Sciences International unless the gross weight of the shipment is over 1 kg in which case the transportation cost will be charged to the customer.
  5. Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA are shipped in accordance with the applicable Dangerous Goods Regulations. For each Dangerous Goods shipment with an order value of less than US $ 5,000, a US $ 75 charge will be included in Shipping & Handling.
  6. Only the elemental weight will be used to measure the quantity supplied. Chemical formula calculation will be used to assess the elemental weight in a compound.
  7. Trace Sciences International will ship material according to United States Packaging Association Standards for the respective material. Trace Sciences International ships by Federal Express unless otherwise specified.
  8. Credit Terms are Net 30 from date of shipping. New customers must be pre-approved for credit. Bank charges incurred in the country of residence of the buyer shall be borne by the buyer. Additional fees will be charged when payment is made through a letter of credit or draft.
  9. Interest for late payment is calculated at 2% per month compounded.
  10. Claims for damage due to improper packaging should reach the Trace Sciences International office within 7 days from receipt of goods.


  1. Trace Sciences International will not entertain any claims on quality unless made within 14 days from date of receipt of material and accompanied by a third party laboratory analysis acceptable to Trace Sciences International, or the Producer. If the claim is deemed valid, the obligation of Trace Sciences International shall be limited to replacing the defective material.
  2. Please note that our material has not been approved for use in humans as it has not been tested for sterility or pyrogens.