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Silicon Isotopes

Stable Silicon Isotopes - Si Iisotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemica
Enrichment available %

28 Si 27.9769271(7) 92.23(7) metal, fluoride 99+

29 Si 28.9764949 (7) 4.67 (5) metal, oxide 95 - 99+

30 Si 29.9737707(7) 3.10 (5) metal, fluoride 99+
Silicon Isotopes are used in a variety of applications. Si-28 has been suggested to improve the thermal conductivity of semiconductors. Si-29 is used extensively in NMR spectroscopy. Si-30 has been used to produce the radioisotope Si-31. Si-30 has also been used to study the self-diffusivity of Silicon and it has been used to study the isotope effect on superconductivity.
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