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Rubidium Isotopes

Stable Rubidium Isotopes - Rb Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemical
Enrichment available %

85 Rb 84.911794 (3) 72.165 (13) chloride, carbonate, iodide, sulphate 95 - 99+

87 Rb 86.909187 (3) 27.835 (13) chloride, metal, iodide, carbonate, chromate 82 - 99+
Both Rubidium Isotopes have medical and industrial applications. Rb-87 is used as a frequency standard in high-precision timing equipment such as GPS receivers. It also used in the production of Bose-Einstein condensates and in laser cooling. Rb-85 is used for the production of the radioisotope Rb-86 which is used as a tracer. Rb-85 can also be used for the production of Sr-82, which is used in Sr-82/Rb-82 generators, though Sr-82 is generally produced with natural Rubidium.
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