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Lithium Isotopes

Stable Lithium Isotopes - Li Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate mass % Natural abundance   Chemical form Enrichment available %

6 Li 6.0151214 (7) 7.59   sulphate, carbonate, hydroxide 90 - 95%

7 Li 7.0160030 (9) 92.41   carbonate 99.99
Li-7 is used to control the pH level of the coolant in the primary water circuit of pressurized water reactors. Li-7 is also used for the production of the medical research radioisotope Be-7. Li-6 is used in thermonuclear weapons and the export and use of Li-6 is therefore strictly controlled. Li-6 can also be used for the production of the radioisotope H-3, which is used in biochemistry research.
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