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Hydrogen Isotopes

Stable Hydrogen Isotopes - H Isotopes
Nominal Mass Accurate
% Natural
Chemical Form Enrichment
Available %

1 H 1.007825035 (12) 99.9885 N/A N/A

2 H 2.014101779 (24) 0.0115 H2O 95 - 99+
Hydrogen Isotopes H-2, also known as deuterium, is used in a variety of applications. Deuterium is used extensively in organic chemistry in order to study chemical reactions. It is also used in vitamin research. Deuterium in the form of H2O, known as heavy water, is used as a moderator in CANDU nuclear reactors, in NMR studies and in studies into human metabolism. Heavy water is also applied in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory where it is used to study the behavior of neutrinos.
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