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Gallium Isotopes

Stable Gallium Isotopes - Ga Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemical form Enrichment available %

69 Ga 68.925580 (3) 60.1 (2) metal, oxide 99+

71 Ga 70.9247005 (25) 39.9 (2) metal, oxide 97 - 99+
Both Gallium Isotopes are stable and are used in nuclear medicine and physics. Ga-69 is used for production of the radioisotope Ge-68. This isotope is used for so-called Ge-68/Ga-68 generators. The Ga-68 that is created from the decay of Ge-68 is used as a PET isotope. Ga-71 has been used to study the behavior of solar neutrinos and it is also used in NMR studies.
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