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Iron Isotopes

Stable Iron Isotopes - Fe Isotopes

% Natural
Available %

54 Fe 53.9396127 (15) 5.845 (35) metal, oxide 26 - 99+

56 Fe 55.9349393 (16) 91.754 (36) metal, oxide 97 - 99+

57 Fe 56.9353958 (16) 2.119 (10) metal, oxide 81 - 96+

58 Fe 57.9332773 (16) 0.282 (4) metal, oxide 93+

Please note that our material has not been approved for use in humans as it has not been tested for sterility or pyrogens.

Iron Isotopes are mainly used in nutritional studies, with Fe-57 and Fe-58 being the two most commonly used Fe isotopes. Studies have included iron-loss by human adolescents, conditions for effective iron absorption, interventions for anemia and genetic iron control. The Fe-54 isotope is used for the production of radioactive Fe-55 which in turn is used as an electron capture detector and in X-ray fluorescence. Fe-56 can be used for the production of radioactive Co-55 which is used as a tumor seeking agent in bleomycin.