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Boron Isotopes

Stable Boron Isotopes - B Isotopes

% Natural
Available %

10 B 10.0129369 (3) 19.9 (2) metal 99+

11 B 11.0093054 (4) 80.1 (2) metal 98 – 99+

Boron Isotopes B-10 and B-11 are used extensively in the nuclear industry. B-10 is used in the form of boric acid as a chemical shim in pressurized water reactors while in the form of sodium pentaborate it is used for standby liquid control systems in boiling water reactors. B-11 can be used as a neutron reflector. Outside the nuclear industry both Boron isotopes are used as food label to study boron metabolism. B-10 is also used in so-called boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT). Both B-10 and B-11 can be used for the production of two radioisotopes: C-11 and N-13. Trace Sciences International is the world's most reliable supplier of enriched stable Boron isotopes.

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