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Argon Isotopes

Stable Argon Isotopes - Ag Isotopes
Nominal mass Accurate
% Natural abundance Chemical form Enrichment available %

36 Ar 35.96754552 (29) 0.337 (30) gas 99+

38 Ar 37.9627325 (9) 0.063 (5) gas ENQUIRE

40 Ar 39.9623837 (14) 99.600 (30) gas 99.9+
Argon Isotopes are used as precursors in the production of radioisotopes. Argon isotopes Ar-40 and Ar-38 are used in the production of radioactive K-38 which can be used as a blood flow tracer. Ar-40 is used in the production of radioactive Ar-41 which is used to trace gas flows.
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